Leader Foods is built on the visions of quality and sustainability

Our mission is to offer all our clients and customers a range of uniquely crafted health food products. Meeting the various needs that real individuals have is the belief we were founded on, and it continues to drive us to this day. 

We assist people by empowering them to always have the option to make healthy choices. 
We do this by providing convenient, tasty and nutritious products that you want to eat

We are constantly evaluating our product line and production process to ensure that the customer is getting the best we can offer. 

We follow and require all our suppliers to adhere to the BSCI principles. The aim is to ensure that the products offered to consumers are produced under socially and ethically acceptable production conditions, taking environmental considerations into account.

Core value:

Assurance of our quality

We are proud to offer an innovative product reange to the consumer and our customers. We ensure the quality and safety of the products we manufacture by investing in skilled personnel, selected raw materials and in-house product development and production, as this gives us complete control over product quality and safety.  

In addition, we have certified quality control and continuous operation and quality improvement processes in place, led by Magali Laasonen, Ph.D. Director of Quality Control at Leader Foods.

Engaging with new available ingredients and technical advances guide our professionals to pave the way to the future of the health-nutrition category.

Antidoping statement

We develop our products to suit active people, both recreational excercisers as well as top athletes. We do not use in our products of accept in our production facilities any substances listed on the WADA List of Prohibited Substances and Methods

Our Certificates:

Analysis of final products and shelf-life monitoring tests of finished products are conducted in an independent Eurofins laboratory.